About the Epleys

Ann Louise Moore was born October 11, 1941 at Paola, Kansas. Her father, was a music teacher who later entered the family business as grain elevator operator. Her mother, was a homemaker with a love for antiques and decorating. Ann taught special education in public and Christian schools during her early years of marriage to Bill. When a 2001 tornado destroyed Ann’s central Kansas childhood home, her mother lived with Ann & Bill until her passing in 2008. The “tornado wall” in the Inn’s kitchen features fragments of the antique furniture of her childhood that Ann gathered from the ruins.

Ann has been constant supporter to Bill, especially in areas of Christian ministry; she is a fine singer and has sung in the choirs Bill has directed for more than 50 years. She loves to decorate her homes and is an accomplished potter, seamstress and cook; and exhibits all around skills related to home improvement; she especially enjoys "hands on" work, and has personally laid thousands of square feet of tile, much of it hand made. In recent years, she has been deeply involved with a new generation of children and takes deep joy in being a grandmother.

William Carey Epley was born October 29, 1941 at Ames, Iowa. Bill trained as a music educator, and has taught music at all levels from elementary school through college; including Ohio State and Arizona State Universities. He has a doctor's degree from ASU. He has been deeply involved in church music all his life and manages the family’s real estate investments. Bill continues to supply their 4 fireplaces with firewood, is the family landscaper and restores antiques.  He loves to plan and manage construction projects and as designed and overseen the restoration of the Inn and construction of unique gazebos at each of their homes.

The Epleys have three children and six grandchildren (and one granddaughter-in-law).

Both Ann & Bill enjoy hospitality; and love to open their home. One of the special benefits of owning the Historic Squaw Peak Inn is the ability to host large groups in a friendly, informal setting. Coming from a poor home, Bill needed to work his way through college; professional cooking was a part of that work experience; this, coupled with his high school job as cook in his family's café has led to a lifetime love of cooking. He loves to come up with new ideas for their extensive appetizer and buffet menus.  Ann has become a skilled cook, friends especially rave about her baking; her cinnamon rolls have become “internationally famous”.

In recent years, Ann & Bill have attempted to "slow down" a little. Bill has terminated his real estate operations and significantly cut back on teaching and music; he does, however continue to teach a Bible class at Scottsdale Bible Church where he served as Worship Pastor for 14 years. Ann continues her many creative projects, at a slightly slower pace. They keep a busy schedule primarily focused on family, friends, service and hospitality. The Epleys own a home in Payson, a small, mountain community 75 miles from Phoenix and enjoy sharing time between that and the Phoenix home.

4425 E. Horseshoe Road
Phoenix, AZ 85028


About the Smiths

Bill and Ann's daughter Ruthie has been on kitchen crew and serving alongside of her parents for decades. She fondly remembers as a small child how her parents would invite the whole church over for soup! People were always coming in and out of their home. She was surrounded by hospitality, it was a way of life! Ruthie recalls how her Mom always loved people through food. "Are you hungry?" was usually one of the first things you heard her say.

Ruthie and Mickey have been married since 1990, and they have 3 sons and a daughter-in-law. Every member of the family has served at the Inn for parties. The boys started very early. As preschoolers they picked up napkins, and as they grew they cleared plates, washed dishes, served appetizers and even prepared and cooked! Mickey has had experience in working in fine dining restaurants, and he has an amazing mind for tastes and loves creating new recipes.

In 2015, Bill and Ann approached Mickey and Ruthie about the future plans of the Inn, asking if they would want to eventually move in and take it over. They were thrilled and humbled at the offer. There was a transition time of about a year, where Ruthie was learning all of her mother's secrets in the kitchen and father's behind the scenes work. In March of 2017, the move began! It is the intention of the Smith family to continue the legacy of warmth and hospitality. They are very involved in ministry and want their lives and home to reflect God's love. To find out more about their mission, go to www.legacyinternational.org.

4425 E. Horseshoe Road
Phoenix, AZ 85028
(480) 532-0129


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